Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Bay Project has moved...

It can now be found here:

Thank you


Wednesday, 20 May 2009

It's here...

It has finally arrived... I say 'finally' but I haven't really been waiting long at all. It's all rather exciting. My book is here! The one I spent about a trillion hours faffing over.

See you on the 19th of June when all will be revealed... Unless you're the examiner of my degree, and then, lucky, you get to see it on the 18th!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Drawing Two

Drawing two is now complete. Hoorah! Well, it's at 95% which is what the aim was. Now I have just under five weeks to concentrate on the next drawing which is going to be a real challenge. I haven't got photos of the drawing in its completed state at the moment, only of it during the final stages on Wednesday when I NEARLY got it finished, but not quite.


This was Wednesday morning. Most of it I wanted to leave the same as it was all working rather nicely, but I selected this particular part of the location for my composition as there is a section of the rocks that is sunk back, and can get so so dark at times. I wanted to recreate this in the piece, so the middle of this drawing is going to be the heart of the work, and the main focal area.


And this is how it looked after a good few hours at the drawing board... It's given it quite a bit more presence. I spent most of yesterday working on the drawing as a whole so that the viewer can appreciate the entire composition instead of being drawn in by the dark section. I didn't want it to detract too much from the rest of the piece, so I spent a number of hours ensuring it was really balanced. I forgot to take my camera with me though as I was super tired, and I tend to get complacent when tired. Will post some pictures of the 95% finished article next week... Back to the written work now. These evaluations won't write themselves.

Also, if anyone has any good suggestions on artists I should look up, please hit me up... Send me an email or whatever. Thanks.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009


This is the best photo from my trip to the headland yesterday. I was laid on the ground when I took this, and it was really lovely. To me this epitomises Spring in my favourite place ever.

Drawing One

I have very nearly finished drawing one. I've done pretty much everything that can be done to it at this stage. I'm going to take a couple of weeks out from it, and focus on the next two drawings I have under way, and will then return to it. I may need to add a little bit of surface detail here and there, but the bulk of the work is done. I'm quite happy with it too which is surprising considering about two weeks ago I wanted to set it on fire... Not sure if it will be a part of the degree show. We will have to see how other things progress. Here are some snaps...

In other non-related news, this warm weather needs to go away and take all its pollen with it. Also, The Autumn Film are amazing, and you should check them out. Three free EPs up on their site here. I seriously suggest you download them all, now. Now can someone please stop my Mum from singing to Queen... That is all...

Sunday, 10 May 2009


One of my favourite sub-projects that I have done during the course of this semester is scouring the beach for a variety of different pebbles. On February 18th I went down to the bay without any real purpose. I wanted to find something to do as it was a mild, still day, and they are the best for productivity. I walked around, taking things in, still none the wiser as to what I was actually doing there other than enjoying the atmosphere. After a while I noticed how incredible the branches of the hawthorn bush at the end of the bay looked against the grey winter sky. They almost looked black as they fell against the sullen backdrop. I took a photo, and began to think about the possibilities around me. I began to look for naturally occurring linear forms in the rocks near by. Lines that looked almost drawn. Possibly even something I could take influence from. It was then that I decided analysing pebbles would be the most interesting way of doing this. Pebbles are one of the key features of this bay, and as this is a thorough study of what can be found here it made sense to include a small project that would show them off. A couple of hours, and fifty photos later I was happy with the results. I also couldn't feel my fingers, so it was a good time to be happy with the results. You may be wondering why I am telling you this, but I have my reasons! Yesterday I finished the layout for a book of all these photographs, which I have ordered ready for the degree show! I am excited! I hope it turns out well. Fingers crossed. That is all.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


I have been reading the most incredible book for the last week or so. It is so good that my brain can barely comprehend what it is taking in. It's difficult to explain, as I can understand every word of what I am reading (which is rare), yet at the same time the book absolutely messes with my mental boundaries... It completely blows me away. This book is far too big for my head, but in no way is it overly intellectual. Quite the opposite in fact. It is so beautifully human that it pains me sometimes. It is saddening, enlightening, and thought provoking to say the least.

Check out 'A Field Guide To Getting Lost' by Rebecca Solnit if you want to go on an epic journey. I think I have read two or three chapters and I have already been to places that I didn't know existed.

My other recommendation is the song 'Lakes Of Canada' by Stephanie Dosen. All I can say is woah.

Goodnight people.