Friday, 15 May 2009

Drawing Two

Drawing two is now complete. Hoorah! Well, it's at 95% which is what the aim was. Now I have just under five weeks to concentrate on the next drawing which is going to be a real challenge. I haven't got photos of the drawing in its completed state at the moment, only of it during the final stages on Wednesday when I NEARLY got it finished, but not quite.


This was Wednesday morning. Most of it I wanted to leave the same as it was all working rather nicely, but I selected this particular part of the location for my composition as there is a section of the rocks that is sunk back, and can get so so dark at times. I wanted to recreate this in the piece, so the middle of this drawing is going to be the heart of the work, and the main focal area.


And this is how it looked after a good few hours at the drawing board... It's given it quite a bit more presence. I spent most of yesterday working on the drawing as a whole so that the viewer can appreciate the entire composition instead of being drawn in by the dark section. I didn't want it to detract too much from the rest of the piece, so I spent a number of hours ensuring it was really balanced. I forgot to take my camera with me though as I was super tired, and I tend to get complacent when tired. Will post some pictures of the 95% finished article next week... Back to the written work now. These evaluations won't write themselves.

Also, if anyone has any good suggestions on artists I should look up, please hit me up... Send me an email or whatever. Thanks.

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