Wednesday, 20 May 2009

It's here...

It has finally arrived... I say 'finally' but I haven't really been waiting long at all. It's all rather exciting. My book is here! The one I spent about a trillion hours faffing over.

See you on the 19th of June when all will be revealed... Unless you're the examiner of my degree, and then, lucky, you get to see it on the 18th!


Francisco Castelo Branco said...


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Camilla said...

I just visited the UWE show today and really loved your work- I was drawn to it even before I read that it was about Sand Bay (I live in Weston). I love the large scale drawings- last year I did a piece that was based on an experience of getting stuck in the mud at Weston when I was young (and drunk) it turned out the same colours as your drawing- there must be something about the area that makes us work that way. I hope you continue to keep your blog now you have finished the degree- and I hope that you get an excellent mark!

Alex Bone said...

Are you going to resurrect this this year? It would seem a good time to!